What third party services can I use with TBE?

Any tipster that provides named selections can be used with TheBetEngine, as you can manually enter the selections on a daily basis.

If the tipster provides selections via a file, then check to see if it is a TBE-compatible format by checking Appendix B and Appendix C of the manual (note - it is far more likely that they will produce a short-format file [Appendix C] unless they are providing TBE-specific files)

If they don't supply files in a compatible-format, why not ask them if they can do so?

Third Party Services
TheBetEngine is designed for automating your own systems.

Whilst some system vendors choose to make TBE their preferred Betfair bot, we are generally not consulted in the process and we do not keep a list of vendors who provide systems that can be automated via TBE.

Those services that have consulted us include:

1. Thorobred
2. Pro Betting Club
3. CB WIn Bot

Clubs and Racing Services
The following clubs/racing services either provide systems or data in a TBE-compatible format.

1. The Total Betting Club
2. UK Horse Racing
3. Focus Ratings

TheBetEngine can also load data (via plugins) for:

1. HorseRaceBase
2. Grey Horse Bot (systems produced via their SPB System Builder or PR Ratings products)

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