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  1. Bets being placed outside of the specified odds range

  2. Can I use Two Factor Authentication with TBE?

  3. Cancelling your subscription

  4. Does TheBetEngine work on a VPS?

  5. Downgrading your subscription

  6. Failed check of odds range

  7. How do I get my activation code?

  8. How do I load a selection (csv) file?

  9. How do I resubscribe?

  10. How do I take a screenshot?

  11. How does TBE handle dead-heats?

  12. How to force TheBetEngine to reload race data

  13. How to get TheBetEngine to run non-stop

  14. How to move TheBetEngine from one computer to another

  15. How to place bets on the win market when the place odds are within a certain range (and vice versa)

  16. I am unable to log in to TheBetEngine

  17. Installing a second copy of TheBetEngine onto a PC that contains an existing installation

  18. Installing two copies of TheBetEngine on the same PC

  19. Keeping your PC clock synchronised

  20. Maximising the chances of being matched

  21. Missed Payment Policy

  22. Recovery staking and multiple bets

  23. Running TheBetEngine Unattended

  24. Software Terms and Conditions

  25. Stake/liability exceeded

  26. The authentication server is unavailable and I cannot log in

  27. TheBetEngine - Plugins

  28. TheBetEngine has stopped working

  29. Upgrading your subscription

  30. What strategies do you recommend?

  31. What third party services can I use with TBE?

  32. Where can I find the pipe (|) character?

  33. Why are bets placed at stakes different to those specified?

  34. Why are the Today's Runners box and the Load Selections button greyed out?

  35. Why can't I see all of the betting criteria controls on the screen?

  36. Why can't I see all of the staking plans?

  37. Why do bets disappear from the race grid?

  38. Why do I get a .Net Framework error when starting up TheBetEngine?

  39. Why do I get an INPUT_VALIDATION_ERROR when I log in?

  40. Why does the commentary say "Race went InPlay before the bet time was reached"?

  41. Why does the race grid show "No race information"?

  42. Why has my bet been placed with a £2 stake at odds of 1000?

  43. Why is the FC Odds column empty in the Runners grid?

  44. Why is the One-Off Selection area on the Custom tab greyed out?

  45. Why is the race winner shown in red?

  46. Why is there a red triangle showing above the Staking box?

  47. Will TheBetEngine work with the new Betfair API-NG?

  48. You don't have a valid subscription to TheBetEngine

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