Missed Payment Policy

Your subscription payments are made automatically by PayPal.

If a subscription payment is unsuccessful, then PayPal will retry the payment in a few days time.  If that attempt is unsuccessful, then PayPal will generally wait a further week and make one final attempt at payment.  If the third attempt is unsuccessful, then your subscription is automatically cancelled by PayPal.

We recognise that payments can fail for a variety of reasons and, therefore, we operate the following policy with regard to missed payments:

1. If you have just reached the end of your trial period and the first payment attempt fails, then your subscription will be suspended immediately.

2. If you are an existing paying customer, then your account will remain active when the first attempt at payment fails.  If the second attempt fails, then your account will be suspended.

Suspensions will remain in place until a subscription payment is received or the subscription is cancelled.

If your account becomes suspended, the quickest way to reactivate the account is to resubscribe. To resubscribe, please refer to https://betdynamics.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/497631-how-do-i-resubscribe

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