Recovery staking and multiple bets

All recovery staking plans are predicated on a single bet per race (indeed, it is impossible to calculate recovery stakes for some recovery plans when there are multiple selections).

If you are placing multiple bets on a single race and want to use a recovery staking plan, then you should dutch your selections.

When dutching, the staking calculation is used to determine the overall stake (or profit) for the dutching calculation. The individual stakes for each bet in the dutch can then be correctly calculated.

Please make sure that you fully understand the risks when dutching for a profit as your stakes can escalate very quickly indeed as the stake required for a given profit is entirely dependent upon the ROI of the dutch. If the ROI is small, then the stakes can be extremely high.

Take the following example:

You want to bet on 4 selections, with odds of 2.61, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 to make £1 profit.

In order to make £1 profit, your stakes would have to be £2000, £1305, £1044 and £870 - that is a total of £5219 !!!

This is because the ROI on those odds is only 0.02%

If dutching for profit, and in an attempt to keep your stakes under control, you should consider the minimum ROI of the dutch that you are prepared to accept. You can then enter that minimum ROI on the Dutch tab. The ROI is entered as a % figure so, for example, a minimum ROI of 30% should be entered as 30.0

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