Why does the race grid show "No race information"?

The commentary "No race information" is displayed when TBE attempts to get information about the runners and their current prices but finds that the market has already been closed.

There are two main causes of this message:

1. The clock on your PC is massively slow (uncommon but has happened!)
2. Your PC is set to hibernate after a period of inactivity

Of these, cause no. 2 is the most likely.

If Windows is set up to hibernate after a period of inactivity, then the following happens:

If the mouse or keyboard is not touched for a certain period, then Windows will place the PC into hibernation mode. To do this, Windows writes the state of all currently running programs to disk, and then shuts down. When Windows is shut down, nothing is able to run. So, at this point, TheBetEngine can no longer function.

When you touch the keyboard or mouse, Windows reactivates. At this point, it restores the state of the programs that it saved previously and starts each of the programs running once more.

Of course, time has moved on and TheBetEngine now needs to establish what has happened. It, therefore, runs around looking at each of the races and determining whether they have already been completed. For those races, it displays the "No race information" message.

In order for TheBetEngine to operate continuously, hibernation mode must be turned off. This is highlighted on page 2 of the manual along with a link to a video that shows how to turn off hibernation mode in Windows 7 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3t1FDPtT7I )

Instructions for turning off hibernation mode for other versions of Windows can be obtained through Google.

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