Why is the race winner shown in red?

When the winner is shown in red it indicates that the inferred winner and the published winner are different.

Within about 20-30 seconds of a race being completed, TheBetEngine infers the race winner from the last matched odds on the market and displays this winner in the Inferred Winner column on the race grid.

When the markets have been closed and all bets have been settled on Betfair, then the actual race winner is published.

If the published winner is different to the inferred winner, then TheBetEngine updates the race grid with the actual race winner and highlights the fact that the result has been "corrected" by placing the winner in bold, red type.

How your bets are settled depends on the current mode and the source that you have specified for the Results Source (on the Results tab).

If you are in test mode, or you have your Results Source set to Last Matched odds, then your bets will be settled according to the inferred winner.

If you are in live mode, and your Results Source is set to Settled Market, then your bets will be settled according to the published winner.

Use of Settled Market in live mode is recommended as it is more accurate. You can elect to use Last Matched Odds for live operation - this has the benefit of getting the result earlier, but it may not be 100% accurate.

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