Keeping your PC clock synchronised

It is imperative that the clock on your PC shows the correct time and is synchronised to an Internet time - as betting is time-dependent, if your PC clock is slow then it can lead to races being "missed" as the race may have already started by the time your PC thinks it is time to place a bet.

Changes to the way that Windows handles the synchronisation of the PC clock introduced in Windows 8 and later versions, means that it is no longer possible for TheBetEngine to carry out the synchronisation automatically and so you are recommended to use a tool to keep your PC clock up to date.

We recommend the use of the NetTime tool - this is free and can be downloaded from

The NetTime tool can be installed as a Windows service which means that it starts-up automatically each time your PC is switched on. The time period between synchronisation attempts can be adjusted through the settings.

Some brands of modern PC are not great at keeping time and can lose several seconds over the course of a day. As such, we recommend that you set up the NetTime tool to resynchronise your PC clock every hour as this will keep your PC clock up to date at all times.

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