Can I use Two Factor Authentication with TBE?

Although it is possible to use two-factor authentication with TBE (see latter part of this knowledgebase article), it is not recommended.

Two factor authentication requires a two stage log in process:

1. Log in using your Betfair username and password
2. Enter a verification code

Since TheBetEngine cannot automatically generate a verification code, the login process will fail.

TheBetEngine needs to be able to log back in to Betfair if your session is terminated unexpectedly, or at the beginning of each new day if running continuously.  If you have two factor authentication enabled on your account then these processes will fail.

Repeated attempts to log in can result in your Betfair account becoming locked.

If you want to run TheBetEngine whilst two factor authentication is enabled, then you need to do the following:

1. Stop TBE
2. Go to the C:\BetDynamics\TheBetEngine folder
3. RENAME the file called NoTwoFactor.cfg to be TwoFactor.cfg
4. Restart TBE

You will now follow a slightly modified log in procedure in order to log in to TheBetEngine.

Note - you will no longer be able to run TheBetEngine continuously as TBE will no longer be able to rollover automatically at midnight.

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