Why do I get an INPUT_VALIDATION_ERROR when I log in?

If Betfair rejects your login attempt, then TheBetEngine will display the error message returned by Betfair.

If you receive an INPUT_VALIDATION_ERROR message then the most likely cause is that your Betfair password contains some "invalid" characters. It appears that certain punctuation characters (like the # symbol) can cause log in problems when using the standard API log in.

You have two choices:

1. Amend your Betfair password on the Betfair web site and then log in using the new password.


2. Follow these steps:

a) Ensure that TBE is not running.
b) Go to the C:\BetDynamics\TheBetEngine folder and rename the "NoTwoFactor.cfg" file to "TwoFactor.cfg".
c) Start TBE.

A login dialog box showing only a single entry (your TBE account name) is shown. Enter your TBE account name and click on Login.  A Betfair web page should now be displayed. Enter your Betfair username and password into the web page.

Please note:  using this method does NOT allow TBE to run continuously and it will NOT rollover automatically at midnight.

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