Running TheBetEngine Unattended

There are two main options for running TheBetEngine unattended:
  1. Run it locally on your own PC
  2. Run it on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Option 2 is a good choice for those that do not want to run their own PC constantly, or have an unreliable Internet connection, or who are always on the move.

Run TheBetEngine Locally
This is the default option. TheBetEngine can only process races whilst it is turned on, and this requires that the PC is on constantly and that it is not set to hibernate after a period of inactivity.

If you are away from home, then you can still access the PC using something like TeamViewer ( - this is free for non-commercial use and allows you to connect to your home PC from wherever you are and to interact with it as if you were sitting in front of the computer.  As an added bonus, versions are available for tablets (iPad and Android) and for some mobile phones.

Run TheBetEngine on a Virtual Private Server
If you want to take away the hassle of running TheBetEngine on your local PC, then you can rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This is like having access to your own dedicated PC located in a remote data centre.  The benefits are that the PC runs 24x7 and with a good quality Internet connection.

You can access the VPS using Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop is built into the Windows operating system and there are applications available for tablets and some mobile phones that support Remote Desktop access.

When taking out a VPS, you need to ensure the following:
  1. It is a Windows-based VPS (do NOT use a Linux-based VPS)
  2. You should opt for a VPS with at least 2Gb RAM and at least 20-30Gb of disk space
  3. Make sure that the VPS is not located in a Betfair-restricted location, like the USA (this rules out Azure sites and Amazon sites), Germany, Spain, and Italy.
TheBetEngine has been successfully tested on VPS offerings from the following three suppliers (although it is known to work on others):
  1. Tagadab (
  2. Memset (
  3. Bettingdev (
Please refer to the following knowledgebase article for details on how to set up TheBetEngine to run non-stop.

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