Why do bets disappear from the race grid?

When a bet is placed it is added to the race grid.

At the end of the race, TheBetEngine gets the status of each bet from Betfair and then updates the grid accordingly.

Any bets that were matched now show the stake and odds at which they were matched (as the bet may be only partially matched)
Any bets that were placed at BSP now show the BSP odds.

However, any unmatched bets are removed from display.

The Commentary fields is then updated to reflect the status of the bets:
  • Bets identified (all matched)
  • Bets identified (some partially matched)
  • Bets identified (some unmatched)
  • Bets identified (none matched)

So, if a bet disappears from the race grid, then it has most likely not been matched by Betfair.

The bet will still appear in your betting log, but it will show a status of Cancelled or Lapsed.

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