How to get TheBetEngine to run non-stop

TheBetEngine is designed to run unattended but its default mode is set to stop betting at the end of each day.

If you would like TheBetEngine to continue betting the next day without any further intervention (i.e. to run non-stop) then this is easily achieved.

To set this up, you should:
  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. On the Settings/General page:
    a. UNTICK "Don't reactivate Active tabs".
    b. If you are not betting on US races, then TICK "Force rollover at midnight".
    c. UNTICK "Disable rollover to a new day"
    d. Click on Save.
  3. Re-start TheBetEngine
TheBetEngine will now reactivate any active tabs (active tabs are defined as any tab in the ACTIVE or STOPPED state) when it rolls over at midnight.

1. Any INACTIVE tabs will not be reactivated.
2. Only automatic tabs (i.e. tabs where the Selection Type is set to Auto on the Ranking tab) will be reactivated. Manual tabs require selections to be entered and therefore cannot be automatically reactivated.
3. It may be possible to reactivate some manual tabs where plugins are used - contact Support for more details.
4. Automatic rollover is not possible if you have two-factor authentication enabled on your Betfair account.

TheBetEngine can only run whilst your computer is ON and ACTIVE.  If your computer is set to hibernate (or sleep) after a set period of inactivity, then TBE will not be able to run continuously.  Please ensure that you turn off hibernation on your PC.

For details of how to turn off hibernation, please refer to

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that TheBetEngine will run continuously forever. There are many factors that can prevent TheBetEngine from continuing to run (for example, network errors, Betfair errors and unscheduled Windows updates!) We recommend that you check TheBetEngine on a daily basis to ensure that it has rolled over successfully to a new day.

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