Backing up your configuration files

The settings within TheBetEngine fall into two different categories:

1. General Settings
2. Individual System Settings

The overall configuration of the bot is a combination of the general settings and the individual system settings and is stored in a single file called TheBetEngine.cfg located in the main folder (C:\BetDynamics\TheBetEngine\TheBetEngine.cfg)

Betting history is stored in an Access database (TheBetEngine.mdb), again located in the main folder (C:\BetDynamics\TheBetEngine\TheBetEngine.mdb)

It is good practice to take regular copies of both of these files so that you can restore your settings should you need to.

Since both of these files change on a daily basis, taking daily backups is recommended.

The settings for each betting tab may also be saved to a "settings file" (.bbc file). Once again, it is good practice to create these settings files on a regular basis.

To minimise the chances of data loss, you can configure TheBetEngine to automatically save the settings for each betting tab at the end of each day. This allows you to keep an up to date copy of the settings for any particular tab. To enable this, click on the Settings menu, tick the Auto Save Settings Files checkbox, then click on Save.

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