What strategies do you recommend?

TheBetEngine is designed to automate your own strategies.

Here at BetDynamics, we are software developers. We are not system sellers nor are we tipsters.

Successful strategies are usually well-guarded secrets and, as such, people do not tend to share their systems with us (especially winning ones). 

Whilst some systems vendors and tipsters use TheBetEngine as their bot of choice, they rarely inform us that they intend to do so. Where they approach us in advance, then we may list their details on the forum. However, we do not track performance of any systems/vendors that use TheBetEngine.

Systems tend to be cyclical in nature and oversharing can lead to the an immediate loss of the small edge that these strategies exploit. In addition, people tend to be fickle in abandoning systems as soon as they lose a few bets. No doubt, if we recommended something, it would immediately go on a downward streak. As we don't want to recommend anything that might lose people money, we prefer not to recommend anything at all.

Do profitable strategies exist? Yes, of course they do. We run a small portfolio of systems that make profits on a monthly basis. Would we share them.....unfortunately not, sorry!

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