TheBetEngine has stopped working

Some people have reported that when they try to run TheBetEngine version 2.6 (versions to, that the software appears to do nothing and then Windows pops up a message saying "TheBetEngine has stopped working"

The issue has been traced to specific settings on the Windows machine to do with text/font display sizes.

If you are running Windows 7, then you can follow these steps to remove the problem:

1. Ensure TBE is not running.

2. Click on the Windows Start button.

3. Go to the Control Panel.

4. Select "Appearance and Personalisation".

5. Find "Display" and click on "Make text and other items smaller or larger" (which is just underneath "Display")

6. Change the setting to "Smaller - 100% (Normal)"

7. Click on Apply

8. Exit Control Panel

9. Restart TBE.

We are working on a fix which will be issued as soon as possible.

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