Upgrading your subscription

To upgrade your subscription, you need to:

1. Cancel your existing subscription via PayPal (see this page if you need guidance)
2. Take out a new subscription for the required number of betting tabs from http://www.thebetengine.co.uk/subscriptions.htm

If you do take out a new subscription, please DO NOT enter any details into the TBE account registration page. Instead exit the page and email support so that your existing account can be manually updated.

There is no need to re-download the software as the number of betting tabs is controlled via your account and not via the software directly.

Whilst every effort is made to perform upgrades as quickly as possible, a delay of up to 24 hours may be experienced during busy times.

As the timing of an upgrade is a personal choice, and subscriptions are for a fixed length of time, we offer only a limited rebate:

Upgrades from 2 tabs to 5 tabs/10 tabs: No rebate.
ades from 5 tabs to 10 tabs: We refund for each FULL unused week of your subscription.

Additional Licences

A licence allows TheBetEngine to be installed on more than once computer, but only ONE copy at be active at any one time.  If you want to run more than one copy of TheBetEngine then you need a licence for each copy.

No distinction is made between operating in live or test modes. Even if you want to use a copy of TheBetEngine purely in test mode, it still requires a licence.

No discount is offered for a second licence to TheBetEngine.

If you want to run three or more copies of TheBetEngine, then a 50% discount is offered for each new subscription (the first two subscriptions remain at full price). This discount applies only whilst there are 3 or more active subscriptions in operation.  Please contact Support if you want to run 3 or more copies as, due to the discount involved, these are administered in a different way.

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